Born in Basilicata, she studied opera singing at the Conservatory of Music “G. Martucci” of Salerno, where she graduated under the guidance of Elisabetta Scatarzi. Her repertoire ranges in different vocal areas primarily concerned with the figure of the interpreter singer/actress, she is assiduously engaged in the Twentieth-Century and contemporary, acoustic and electroacoustic, music.
She perfected her studies under the guidance of Alda Caiello, attended the Foundation Royaumont Postgraduate Courses (M° Juliet Fraser), the Postgraduated Summer Courses at the Internationales Musikinstitute of Darmstadt (M° M. Donatienne- Dansac), during which she performed as a vocal interpreter in official concert IMD2016 (M. Ciciliani’s Workshop) and the John-Cage-Orgel Foundation Course (M° Sarah Maria Sun).
She regularly participates in courses, masters and
seminars aimed at the study and deepening of the contemporary musical language (S. Gervasoni, P. Billone, A. Solbiati, M. Di Bari, T. Murail, P. Aralla, F. Dillon, F. Filidei, J. Dashow, J. Chowning ..), collaborates with emerging composers, specialized Ensemble, CRM (Centre of Musical Research) in Rome, the Music Technology Department of the Salerno Conservatory (M° Silvia Lanzalone) and performs regular concerts.
She won the “Scholarship Michiko Hirayama – 2° Edition 2017” (Isabella Scelsi Foundation), has performed in numerous concert halls including the “Teatro Studio Gianni Borgna” at the Auditorium of Rome as a finalist in the “Premio Bucchi Interpretazione – Parco della Musica 2015”, “Sala Camino” (Venice Biennale 2017), “Auditorium San Fedele” in Milan, “Abrons Art Center” in NY .
She is interpreter of world premieres presented by the Association “Alessadro Scarlatti” of Naples in the “ScarlattiLab/Electronics” since its first edition in May 2012 (Art Director: G. Turaccio, A. Di Scipio), in International Festival and Composition Competitions (NYCEMF, Emufest, G.A.M.O., Rondoò , Signal, ArteScienza, Nuova Consonanza, Dissonanzen ..).
She has been the interpreter of the “MA/IN-Spaziomusica commission 2017” for voice and electronics multimedia with the first execution during the “36° Festival SpazioMusica” (Cagliari) and the second one during the “MA/IN Intermedia Festival” (Matera).
Her repertoire includes works of the most important authors of the Twentieth-Century Classical Music like “Laborintus II” (L. Berio), “Sequenza III” (L. Berio), “Aria” (J. Cage), “Joózsef -Attila Toöredeókek Op. 20” for solo voice and “Kafka-Fragmente Op. 24 (G. Kurtaóg), “Aventures” (G. Ligeti), etc.. as well as numerous world premieres.
She has recorded for the record labels “Stradivarius”, “Ed. Scientifica” and “Cesmel”.